In this area, you can manage your employees, purchase course credits, grant courses, and view training history.  All of your information is kept confidential and maintained forever. 

To Distribute $0.00 courses to learners please click on the link

??The following $0.00 dollar courses are:
  • TDG
  • PCM (Payment Card Info)
  • Safety Orientation

For detailed instructions please read below:

To CREATE ACCOUNTS for your employees, PURCHASE COURSES and ISSUE TRAINING COURSES follow the 10 steps below. 

Step 1.  Click the Distribute Courses button above.

Step 2.  If this is your first time in the Corporate Facilitator area, you 'll need to create user accounts for your employees.  To proceed, select "I need to CREATE my user(s)".

Step 3.  Complete the required sign up information for each of your employees.  The recommended protocol for creating Usernames is first intial followed by lastname.  It also suggest that the password be at least 4 characters in length.  

Step 4.  If you have entered a valid email address for your employees, click the Send Welcome email at the bottom of the screen.  This will trigger an automatic email with username and password information to each of your employees.

Step 5.  Click the Add Users button.

Step 6.  Select the program you wish to issue to your employees and click Next.

Step 7.  If you have not yet purchased Program Credits, click the orange plus sign on the Purchase Credit button.

Step 8.  Enter the quantity of individual courses you wish to purchase.  Each individual you have created an account for will require a course.  Click Add To Cart and then Proceed to Checkout.

Step 9.  Enter your credit card information and click the Purchase With Credit Card button.  The following page will display a receipt which will be emailed to you.  Click the Return to Course Wizard at the bottom of the page.

Step 10. Click Finish

You have now issued the courses you have purchased to the employees you created accounts for.  They can now log into their account and begin training.

View Individual Employee Training Progress and Performance

Step 1.  From your Administrator Management homepage click the Manage Users button.

Step 2.  To select an employee either search their name in the search box or click their name in the employee list.  On this page you will have access to their course progress and exam results.

View the Training Progress and Performance of Groups of Employees

Step 1.  From your Administrator Management homepage click the Reports button.

Step 2.  Select the User Progress report from the list.

Step 3.  Select the Course or Exam that you wish to report using the check boxes.  Be sure to select the appropriate date range from above.

Step 4.  Click the Run Report button.

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