Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS) for Non-Electrical Workers - Canada and USA

Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS) for Non-Electrical Workers course focuses on workplace electrical safety and the methods used to recognize, identify and avoid the electrical hazards of arc flash and shock. The worker’s roles and responsibilities are summarized with respect to energized electrical equipment. Normal and abnormal equipment conditions are described and the human sense indicators of “Look, Listen and Smell” are used to identify potential abnormal conditions. The application of safe electrical work procedures, risk of shock related to power tools, power cords and the lack of using GFCIs are covered. The risk of injury related to Overhead Power Lines is identified. An online Training Certificate in PDF format is issued after the course completion.

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  1 Hour

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Course Contents:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Introduction to Electricity
  3. Standards and Regulations
  4. Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Understanding the Risks
  6. Taking Precautions
  7. Reporting Incidents and
    Emergency Response
  8. Conclusion and Final Exam

Students Who Take The ESTS Learn How To:

  1. Explain the Regulations and industry best practice Standards related to electrical safety.
  2. Identify and understand electrical hazards and the difference between normal and abnormal conditions on energized electrical equipment.
  3. Learn a procedure for isolating electrical equipment.
  4. Use a Look, Listen and Smell philosophy when you approach energized electrical equipment.
  5. Learn about the risk of being shocked when using power tools, power cords and the need for GFCIs.
  6. Learn about Overhead Power Line safety.
  7. Understand requirements for electrical incident emergency response and incident reporting requirements.
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